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 What does this do?
Author: J.Jonas   (6 Jan 11 4:50am)
I installed it and don't see anything. What does it do? Where can I go to see some stats on whose is visiting? What the hell is it for? I set up a script on my site and now what. I expected to login and see if anyone was visiting, like harvesters or something. Even if no one is, it should tell me so. What is thsi for?
 Re: What does this do?
Author: H.User1325   (6 Jan 11 2:26pm)
Well J.J. have you looked at you HoneyPot dashboard? Just click home on the menu above.

In the left hand col. under "Your stats" you will notice "Last update:" It may take a few days for the harvesters to find the links to your HP. Those stats are only updated daily or so.

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