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 Re: 15 Naahh.. it will not work!
Author: H.User1325   (19 Nov 10 8:03pm)
A little more information would be helpful.

Did you follow the README_install.txt instructions?
Where did you install the HP?
Did you chmod the file correctly?
Is the php parser install and accessible?
Are you authorized to execute php file?
How did you access the HP?
 Re: 15 Naahh.. it will not work!
Author: H.User1325   (20 Nov 10 8:40am)
I just remembered the README_install.txt instructions are not correct.


On most systems, in order for the script to execute its
permissions must be set correctly. On Unix/Linux systems you
can set the scripts' permissions with the following command:

chmod 644 xxxx.php

SHOULD read chmod 755 xxx.php

the php honey pot must be executable as in rwxr xr x

Hope that helps.

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