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 RewriteLock - Repel
Author: E.Adler2   (21 Oct 10 3:27pm)
I am running a LAMP with Ubuntu 10.10 using Apache2. The CMS I am using is a custom one I wrote mostly in php. And now the bots are rolling in =/

I just installed the newest code for Repel. Everything is golden when I type in shell ./repel --key (mykey)

and then put in a bad IP. Tells me right off the bat what kind of bot it is and all the info I need. So far so good. Now it was time to make a file in my /etc/apache2/conf.d. I called it and made sure it was included in httpd.conf. YUP I could see it was loaded when I looked in # top

The morning I could not wait to see how many bots I had nailed. No joy =/ My apache2 logs showed 12 bad bots had been in my site when I looked them up in Project Honey Pot manually. I "think" I know what the problem is. The RewriteLock path needed by apache for the rewrites. Anybody know the correct path should be for this file?

RewriteLock /path/to/Apache/rewritelock.lock

I have sent a mail to the author of Repel. No answer yet. His google code page is still very active. The problem is not related really to Repel. It is that I just don't know where I should set the path for the RewritLock. Anybody have any suggestion?

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