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 Install Using WordPress Plugin
Author: T.Woolley   (6 Oct 10 4:32pm)
I have tried to install two honeypots on two of my WordPress blogs using the plugin


A plugin to enable simple integration of Project Honeypot into your Wordpress blog.
Version v1.0 | By Stuart Ryan

I have created honeypots here and uploaded them. Put a link to them in the plugin and it looks like it is accepted.

However, when I come here I am still on Step 3 for both honeypots and it shows that neither one is activated.

Could I be uploading the honeypot file into the wrong place? I've tried the root of the domain under public_html and under www folders but still I am on Step 3.

You assistance is greatly appreciated.
 Re: Install Using WordPress Plugin
Author: T.Woolley   (6 Oct 10 4:39pm)

You know how you can read something over and over again and not really READ it? Well, I kept reading the instructions but it didn't click that I was to access the file via a web page to activate it!

Both blogs are now activated.

I guess the plugin puts the links on the pages automatically as WordPress pages are continually being updated.

Sorry for the mistake. But hope this helps someone else....

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