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 MX - test pending?
Author: W.Siaw   (26 Sep 10 5:07pm)
How long does it take to move from "Test Pending" to "Active"?

Mine has been sitting there for quite a while, so I'm really wondering. Thanks!
 Re: MX - test pending?
Author: X.Robin   (30 Sep 10 6:30am)
It took me a few seconds. In fact, just the time to visit the honey pot I created (and set up) and to follow the link on the displayed page.
 Re: MX - test pending?
Author: R.Brown10   (22 Jan 11 6:25pm)
My honeypots only took a few seconds..
My MX records took several hours.. presumably by now yours is active?
 Re: MX - test pending?
Author: B.Antispam   (5 Aug 11 2:59pm)
mine have been a few weeks I think and still nada?
 Re: MX - test pending?
Author: R.Watson2   (10 Sep 11 7:34am)
I also added some mx's in August and they are still waiting to be tested... or whatever. It's been over a month.
 Re: MX - test pending?
Author: K.Dupre   (11 Sep 11 1:32am)
It seems, that the whole system isn't working properly. Since August, 2nd there were no updates in my personal statistics, also the number of spam traps remains at 67,915,045.

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