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Installing Honey Pots

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 installing a honeypot
Author: S.Gough   (19 Jul 10 3:34pm)
Hello there,

New here and do not know much about creating pages etc at the moment.

I am told that my website is created in basic HTML and that the pages are not created using PHP, ASP, Perl, mod_perl, ColdFusion, Python etc.

Is there any way I can have code on my website for the honeypot?

 Re: installing a honeypot
Author: L.Holloway   (30 Jul 10 8:16am)
You can use a quicklink instead of a honey pot for basic html pages. (Alternatively you can host a subdomain with a provider that does support PHP and drop a honey pot there. Then link to it as you like.)

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 Re: installing a honeypot
Author: B.Dido   (22 Aug 10 2:08pm)
 Re: installing a honeypot
Author: M.Hossain   (17 Sep 10 1:07am)
 Re: installing a honeypot
Author: X.Robin   (30 Sep 10 6:26am)
Many web host providers allow php in addition to simple HTML pages (even if it's free).

To know if it is the case, you have to look at the documentation of your provider: usually they advertise the scripting language they provide, if any.
 Re: installing a honeypot
Author: R.Atugonza   (22 Jul 11 4:02am)
I am still having a problem installing a honeypot to my site

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