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 Persistent validation error
Author: A.Becker2   (10 Apr 10 10:06am)
I am trying to set up honeypots on several domains on my webserver. Unfortunately I'm always getting a "validation error" - no matter what kind of script (php, python …) I use. Is there any way to get more information to troubleshoot the problem? An example script location would be

Thanks for your help
 Re: Persistent validation error
Author: L.Holloway   (13 Apr 10 4:10pm)
It looks like a problem with ipv6::ipv4. I updated the backend to allow addresses of the form:


Tested the fix and was able to validate your honey pot. Thanks for the report and the support!
 Re: Persistent validation error
Author: A.Becker2   (16 Apr 10 5:34pm)
Awesome, thank you very much for the quick reply. Finally I'm able to install honeypots on many more sites on my server.

Keep the good work up!

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