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 Honey Pots on MySpace
Author: O.D2   (28 Mar 10 4:20am)
Hi, if I put some on myspace profile will it work ? Asking cause I know that after you save the code on myspace all links are changing to something like etc although if you follow them they work and take you to the proper destination.

 Re: Honey Pots on MySpace
Author: O.D2   (2 Apr 10 7:49pm)
may I ask, why do you run this forum once you are not willing to answer ?
seriously please answer me
 Re: Honey Pots on MySpace
Author: L.King   (2 Apr 10 11:13pm)
Could be no one that uses or know anything about myspace has stopped by.

If you don't have access to the cig-bin dir how do you plan on installing a Honey Pot on myspace?

No even sure how you could properly hide a QuickLink on you myspace page.

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