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 what the heck language is it?
Author: D.Weaver4   (12 Mar 10 8:41pm)
I have a teensie little website. I'm more than willing to put this "honeypot" on it.

However, I get stumped by the part that asks me what language it is in. uh ... English?

can someone look at the website and tell me what language I should say it is so I can get the code to put the thing on the site?

am I allowed to put my website in this thread? okay here goes:

just tell me what language I should select from the choices and I'll try to put the honeypot in today.

Thank you
 Re: what the heck language is it?
Author: L.King   (13 Mar 10 8:44am)
The Honey Pot is a script, a software program, that runs on your host. No all host servers have all languages installed and available for use.

You should ask you system Adm which language, PHP, ASP, Perl, mod_perl, ColdFusion, Python, or Movable Type; is available. Or ask Rick Doble for some help.
 Re: what the heck language is it?
Author: D.Weaver4   (13 Mar 10 12:48pm)
Thanks. I appreciate your advice

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