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 Adding some lines to the script
Author: A.Du   (19 Feb 10 6:31pm)
Is it possible to modify the script?

I would like to add some lines at the end, but checksume ist wrong and I have no idea about "Disconnecting" ... when I cut the lines I get:

Unable to contact the Server.

I am adding IP of the robot to .htaccess - ist working well, but why 2 Scripts - I just wanted to add my php code at the end of honey pot script.

Tnx & greetings

 Re: Adding some lines to the script
Author: M.Prince   (22 Feb 10 7:27pm)
Unfortunately, you can't directly modify the honey pot scripts and continue to use them with the Project. We do this in order to ensure some level of data integrity. While it wouldn't be that hard to hack around the basic protections we have in place, we'd prefer that you not do so.

You're welcome to use http:BL in order to protect your site from visitors identified as malicious by the Project.

do not follow this link

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