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 How many HoneyPots can be installed on a domain?
Author: D.Poire   (11 Feb 10 11:06pm)
Greetings All,

To me, phrasing the question is the hardest part of asking for help.

When reading and searching this website for HoneyPot installation limits, I easily found the limitation on MX entries. Other text I read often seemed to reference installing HoneyPot in the plural. I currently have several domains where a separate honeypot script exists on domainname.tld, subdomain1.domainname.tld through subdomain5.domainname.tld and they all seem to work fine - nothing seems amiss on my Project Honey Pot Dashboard (some of those subdomains had previous content and others were created for MX entries).

So, just how many HoneyPots can be installed on a domain?
Do any of these variations make any difference?
Is there a written/unwritten suggested/recommended number HoneyPot scripts?

You see, each and every single time I enter my Project Honey Pot Dashboard I am admonished by the list 'Sites on Which You've Installed Honey Pot' to "Build up this list, install a new Honey Pot" and I must comply.

Until I have reason to purchase more domains, I must ignore any suggestion to donate MX entries.

P.S. Just out of curosity, what are the 'recognition points' between "User Rank This Week:In Top-250" and "This Week's Top Project Honey Pot Users".
 Re: How many HoneyPots can be installed on a domain?
Author: M.Prince   (22 Feb 10 7:25pm)
You can install as many honey pots in subdomains as you want. You can also link to the same honey pot on a single domain from across multiple domains. While I'm happy to see that the request to install more honey pots is so compelling, you can safely ignore it.

As for the karma scores, that's calculated through a special team of Buddhist monks who operate out of an undisclosed location and whose secrets I am honor-bound not to reveal. ;-)

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