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 Grant Access to IP
Author: J.Hill5   (15 Jan 10 2:39pm)
I'm using Joomla and have installed the Plugin for Project Honey Pot. I have one customer that orders from my site and since installing the plugin, they can no longer access my site.

Is there anyway to grant access to their specific IP? He is a good customer and I'm sure he's not trying to access my site in any other way.
 Re: Grant Access to IP
Author: M.Prince   (16 Jan 10 8:38pm)
We don't build or maintain the Joomla Plugin ourselves, so I'm not exactly sure how it works. We recommend that most plugin authors build a system to allow whitelisting in situations like yours. Alternatively, you can tell your customer to visit the Project Honey Pot website, search for his IP address, then click the link and follow the instructions for whitelisting. That will globally whitelist the IP address. You may want to also tell your customer that he should check his computer to see if a virus or trojan has somehow compromised it.

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