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 On my server Outgoing IP address
Author: V.Vrakotas   (2 Jan 10 7:54am)
I installed Honey pot but my server has an outgoing IP's blocking service so when I disable the service I get the congratulation message and the link to Activate but if I enable it then I get a message that my server blocked the outgoing connection.

I need the IP address so I insert it into my allowed IP addresses list in order to activate the link.

Can somebody help me with this?

 Re: On my server Outgoing IP address
Author: M.Prince   (3 Jan 10 3:45pm)
The honey pot scripts need to be able to communicate with the Project Honey Pot central servers in order to retrieve new spam traps. We load balance the requesting servers across multiple IPs, so you can't reliably hard code an IP address into your allowed list and be sure that it will work. If you can use a domain instead of an IP then you can look through your honey pot script for the domain of the requesting server (it's likely something like and use that.

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