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 Link Title and Link Text
Author: A.Frey   (31 Dec 09 3:12pm)
setting up my honeypot i decided to use a normal visible link to the honeypot-skript. I've done this because I hope it will increase the crawling of the honeypot-skript.

But: the link title and link text that have been suggested to me during the installation process sound weird to me. And because I added the link to the footer of all my pages, i would prefer to use link title and text created by me, e.g. 'Terms' or 'Bedingungen', but, and this is my question: would such a custom link title and text reduce the efficiency of the honeypot or is this not important?

(Edit): Second Question:
Does ist make sense to place a honeypot on a domain which is protected by sh404sef/joomla! which rejects conections of honeypot listed ips? I linked from these joomlapages to the honeypot skript.

Thank you for replies!

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 Re: Link Title and Link Text
Author: D.Morgan4   (31 Dec 09 5:17pm)
(to 2nd question)

It makes sense to me - you then catch IP's that should be on the blacklist, but are missing from it (fresh new spammers!)

 Re: Link Title and Link Text
Author: A.Frey   (3 Jan 10 2:35pm)
push ... 1st question ?
 Re: Link Title and Link Text
Author: B.L5   (3 Jan 10 2:39pm)
As long as you link to the honey pot, spammers will go to it.

It's probably a good idea to hide the link somehow, so you don't annoy the real people that go to your website.
 Re: Link Title and Link Text
Author: I.Boni   (9 Mar 10 5:51am)
This page created by P.H.P. with sh404sef could have any SEO issue related?
Maybe some Google datacenter could be blocked by P.H.P. and index the page generated by P.H.P. instead of the original one. This could give a penality in search engine rank.
Is it possible?

Is it possible that attack script avoid the fake url and follow the real url?

do not follow this link

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