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Author: L.King   (29 Dec 09 11:08pm)
STEP 3: SET THE PERMISSIONS of the instructions I received with my HP contains an error.

It may be intuitively obvious to others but it took me a while to realize to execute the HP script, the proper permissions should be 755 not 644 as stated in the instructions.

Unix is no longer my first language.

Author: D.De Lung   (27 Feb 10 8:33am)
Thank you for this post... I've been triple checking that it was set to 644... (which it is)... and your post gave me the dope slap to remind me of this. Thank you! Off to fizz it...

And it is fizzed! Thanks!

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Author: M.Pfaff   (26 Mar 12 6:52am)
I'm stuck on this step. I don't know how to "set permissions" at all.

I've uploaded the .php file the PH gave me, and I've uploaded it to my website's root directory.

How do I "set permissions" for this? And, activate it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Author: R.ODeay   (12 Jan 13 11:48am)
What is it supposed to be? 644 or 755?
Now I'm confused. it's set at 644 now.
Author: H.User1325   (13 Jan 13 7:30am)
if 644 doesn't work, add the execute 755.
Author: W.Wick   (22 Jan 13 12:22am)
Sorry thought it replies under the concerning post. This is a reply on Pfaff's question

In you FTP program on the server side right click on the file and look for file permissions. There you might be able to enter the number given.
Execute it by running the file www.yourdomain.xx/youhoneypotfile.php (or whatever file ending you chose). You come to a page on projecthoneypot where you will have to click an activate button.

I understood that it is 644.

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