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 cgi_bin location
Author: L.King   (28 Dec 09 4:25pm)
I have two domains on the same ISP server with a cgi_bin dir under only one. From the other domain I use absolute addressing to access scripts.

If I add a Honey Pot to both will the scripts be different and need different names? or will a single script serve both?

Will the pages be modifiable so I can correctly make the calls to the scripts?

No I have not requested a Honey Pot yet. Trying to make sure I will get it right the first (or second) time.

 Re: cgi_bin location
Author: L.King   (29 Dec 09 5:27pm)
OK now that I have installed a HP in the domain where my cgi_bin dir is located and linked to it, I see that it is the location of the script not the domain per say that needs to be different.


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