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 APi key
Author: H.RK   (26 Oct 09 7:43am)
i search everywhere ..
where is the API key?

its the 5 digit in the link .?
i was told its 12 digit?

Please update the faq on steps to obtain/recover the api key
 Re: APi key
Author: M.Prince   (26 Oct 09 8:53pm)
It's in the upper-left corner of the box when you login to your dashboard. If you haven't asked for it, there will be a link there that takes you to the page where you can request it. Or you can click the Services tab and then the HTTP:Blacklist submenu. From there, follow the instructions to receive it.
 Re: APi key
Author: F.Asylum   (24 Sep 10 7:52am)
 Re: APi key
Author: C.Stgeorge   (17 Oct 10 7:46am)
I cannot find the API key anywhere.
Not in my Dashboard.
No link to it.
 Re: APi key
Author: C.Stgeorge   (17 Oct 10 8:17am)
Here is the links for anyone else looking for the Key.
You will obviously be logged in so the second link should take you directly to your Key.

If you do not see a Key you can request an access Key:

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 Re: APi key
Author: M.Mr2   (10 Jun 18 11:25pm)

do not follow this link

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