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 links go where?
Author: C.Olsen   (15 Oct 09 3:29am)
Hi. I know this has been asked about a thousand times, but i cannot seem to understand where to put the links provided at the finish setup...

I run coppermine on the site i want to add honey pot on, and i have added and activated the honey pot, but then you want me to add links to ....

where? what files? on a comment on the site itself? I'm completely lost.

thanks in advance for any help on this.
 Re: links go where?
Author: M.Prince   (16 Oct 09 12:57pm)
You can put the links anywhere you want that will show up as HTML on your web pages. I'm not familiar with Coppermine, but typically content management systems have header or footer files that then generate HTML for all the pages across your site. People typically include the links in these files so they can easily include them on every page on their site. If you'd prefer to add them to fewer pages, or if Coppermine doesn't have a similar setup, then you can add them to any place you have HTML.

Hopefully that helps. Thanks for your help with the Project!

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