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 Table httpbl_log doesn't exist
Author: M.Fachler   (10 Oct 09 9:05pm)
I am getting this error message: "Table httpbl_log doesn't exist".

I know I need to create such table, but I have not been able to find information about the structure.
 Re: Table httpbl_log doesn't exist
Author: M.Prince   (11 Oct 09 1:24am)
Can you give us a hint as to what piece of software you're installing? Sounds like it's one of the third-party plugins that takes advantage of http:BL. We don't maintain or support those plugins. Your best bet is contacting the plugin author directly.
 Re: Table httpbl_log doesn't exist
Author: M.Fachler   (11 Oct 09 8:01am)
The only thing I did was installing http:bl plugin.
Once installed and activated, I proceeded to configuration, and the error message started to appear when I checked the Enable Loggin option.
The note below this option says "If you enable logging all visitors which are recorded in the Project Honey Pot's database will be logged in the database and listed in the table below. Remember to create a proper table in the database before you enable this option!"
 Re: Table httpbl_log doesn't exist
Author: M.Prince   (12 Oct 09 2:51am)
What plugin? There are about 43 all written by different authors for different platforms. We don't author, support, or maintain any of them. However, we're happy to get you in touch with whoever does.
 Re: Table httpbl_log doesn't exist
Author: M.Fachler   (12 Oct 09 8:26am)
My mistake. I have just realized that the plugin I am using: httpbl plugin was not written by Project Honey Pot.
I have contacted the author.

I apologize for the error.
 Re: Table httpbl_log doesn't exist
Author: M.Prince   (13 Oct 09 7:51pm)
No problem.
 Re: Table httpbl_log doesn't exist
Author: J.Cameron3   (13 Mar 11 6:30pm)
I'm seeing the same error message you reported. Could you tell me, if you were able to resolve the problem, how you resolved it?

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