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 Are Honeypots bad for SEO?
Author: T.Hosting   (23 Sep 09 6:36pm)
I just installed the Honeypot script on my website. Will linking to the script give my site a bad ranking, or any sort of bad mark with the search engines?

If this question has been answered already, I apologize. I did a search, but could not find any similar topics.
 Re: Are Honeypots bad for SEO?
Author: M.Prince   (24 Sep 09 12:43am)
The short answer is that 1) the folks from Google and other search engines are well aware and supportive of Project Honey Pot; 2) if you follow the linking guidelines we provide then we've been told by them that it will not hurt your site's rank; and 3) in the 5 years we've been running the Project we haven't seen any site with links to honey pots get punished.

There have been some more thorough discussions by people with your same concern elsewhere on the message boards:

Hope that answers your question. Thanks for your help with the Project!
 Re: Are Honeypots bad for SEO?
Author: T.Hosting   (24 Sep 09 8:07pm)
Thank you!

I have posted a topic in my forums with a quicklink and a link to my honeypot. I made an image with a warning to visitors not to click the links and that it was for spambots only. I hope it works.
 Re: Are Honeypots bad for SEO?
Author: G.Verma2   (25 Aug 16 4:18am)
@T.Hosting What is the result when you did this implementation?

I also like to hide the honeypot link on my website. Would it be negative for SEO?
 Re: Are Honeypots bad for SEO?
Author: J.Quinlan2   (2 May 18 10:52pm)
Will BOT not follow into the honeypot if you add rel="nofollow"

 Re: Are Honeypots bad for SEO?
Author: H.User1325   (3 May 18 11:29am)
A bot run by a spammer, scrapping emails from your site, will not pay attention to a "nofollow."
Can you expect a law breaker, be follow "the law"? I think not.

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 Re: Are Honeypots bad for SEO?
Author: F.Na2   (15 Jan 19 12:23am)
Implementation of hyper linking and Meta tags is tough. Tried understanding it from my friend but was unable to cope up with it. May be it's better to go for professional help of seo campaign only to make our website rank on top. More traffic will give us utmost popularity and all the web pages need to be hosted separately.

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