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 Honey pot across multiple domains / across a server
Author: N.Martin2   (5 Jul 09 3:09pm)
We have a server with about 150 sites and growing which we would like to be able to add honey pots to automatically. We do not have time to go through all of those sites and individually install honey pots, or to do so every time we build a new site. Currently, I have installed a honey pot for our own domain ( and have set things up such that it is dynamically accessible from all domains. For example, all of the following are using the same script (for

These pages appear correctly in the Web browser, I was just wondering if it will work correctly for their purpose of tracking Web bots, etc.
 Re: Honey pot across multiple domains / across a server
Author: M.Prince   (6 Jul 09 3:49am)
That sounds great. I checked out the three links you included and they all appeared to be working just fine. You can do this setup, or you can create one central honey pot and just invisibly link all your sites to it. Either way will work great.

The only downside, and it's likely minor, is that you won't be able to track what site trapped the malicious bots since all your reports will be collected into one pool. Assuming that doesn't both you, there's nothing about the way you've got it setup that bothers us.

Thanks for your help and welcome to the Project!

 Re: Honey pot across multiple domains / across a server
Author: N.Martin2   (6 Jul 09 11:31am)
Nope, that doesn't bother me. Thanks!

 Re: Honey pot across multiple domains / across a server
Author: S.Rider2   (14 Nov 09 11:51am)
This is exactly the information I was looking for. I just setup honeypot on my static html photo website by adding links to the script to a little snippet of PHP I use to place ads on my pages. By insering it into this one file it will display the links on virtually every page on

I also have similar PHP ad scripts hosted on one other account that I often include in various domains, I'll be adding links in some of these ad scripts which should provide several hundred thousand pages with links to my Honeypot script.

Thanks for doing this important work!

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