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 Does a QuickLink URL have to contain the "honeypot" keyword?
Author: N.Makarevitch   (4 Jul 09 3:23am)
My QuickLink URL contains the "honeypot" word. It seems pretty weird to me as it can help a harvester to detect its nature. For the time being we know many won't, but spammers are not completely dumb and will catch up. It seems not very stealthy to me, I suggest having QuickLink not containing anything specific.
 Re: Does a QuickLink URL have to contain the "honeypot" keyword?
Author: M.Prince   (4 Jul 09 2:21pm)
Every Project Honey Pot member is randomly assigned a QuickLink. These are links to other members full honey pots that they have allowed others to link to. For the most part, these links do not contain words that would give away their identities. Yours, it sounds like, does which is just a result of the particular link you were assigned. Rest assured, however, that harvesters still regularly crawl our own site and go to the honey pots it contains even though the domain they all live under is:

Thanks for your help with the Project!

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