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 Using 1and1 on Microsoft Package
Author: S.Kioufi   (8 Jun 09 10:34am)

Can anybody help me. I am using the 1and1 Microsoft Package for hosting my websites. I downloaded the Honey Pot and placed it in a Scripts folder withing the web folders. On trying to access it through the Browser, I constantly get a 500 error message.

On contacting 1and1 they have asked me to check if Honey Pot needs an ASP script inorder for it to work. They say that it might only work on a Linux platform.

The Honey Pot asp file has been placed in the right place and recalled in the browser correctly but I can not get past the 500 error message inorder to activate it.

Your help will be much appreciated.

 Re: Using 1and1 on Microsoft Package
Author: M.Prince   (9 Jun 09 6:45pm)
The Honey Pot scripts do not require Linux. You may want to try the Perl version, assuming you have Perl installed under the Microsoft package.
 Re: Using 1and1 on Microsoft/Linux Package
Author: D.Ciomek   (13 Jul 12 4:30pm)
Did you ever get this to work? I am using the 1and1 Linux package and keep getting the 500 error as well. 1and1 says it's the .htaccess which I removed now and still have the same problem.

Script is properly installed in the CGI bin with 644 permissions set and other scripts in this bin (form mail) work fine.
- - -
Nevermind, found the error. 1and1 requires this to be executable, so the permissions need to be set to something like 744 and then it works.

Two things that are helpful with 1and1:
The Perl location is the default from the script: #!/usr/bin/perl

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