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 Where to install the links to honeypot?
Author: A.Madeira   (2 Jun 09 1:04pm)
Hello there.
First of all, thank you for this great service. Keep it going!

Ok here goes:I just activated Honey Pot on my forum but i have a doubt.
I use SMF, and would like to know in which files do you advise me to insert the links proposed.
Also, is it ok to insert the links as they are anywhere on the page?

 Re: Where to install the links to honeypot?
Author: A.Madeira   (9 Aug 09 8:44pm)
Bump... :/
 Re: Where to install the links to honeypot?
Author: B.L5   (16 Aug 09 3:17pm)
I don't know much about SMF, but if it's anything like bbPress or phpBB, there are probably theme or template files that you can put the links into.

And for your second question: Yes, you can put them anywhere on the page.
 Re: Where to install the links to honeypot?
Author: A.E4   (21 Nov 09 3:17pm)
I use SMF and so does my fiance who does my coding. I will ask him even though I am the one who does the honey pot stuff myself on my forums. But I am not sure where to put the code in forums. I have a site and the forums are on it so I just put my honey pot on the site itself. Made it easier for me anyway. But he would know where is safe to put the code so that it doesn't break the forum. I will get back to you.
 Re: Where to install the links to honeypot?
Author: A.E4   (21 Nov 09 3:26pm)
Actually I am assuming that you are only asking about where to put the links to your honeypot as instructed in the and then clicking on the name of your honeypot and then on the left side menu clicking on linking instructions.

(Sorry I had to edit this as the direct link caused an illegal action which was recorded by Project HP .. boy this site is secure!)

The actual honeypot itself should be installed directly to the server or on a subdomain. Not the SMF forums themselves. At least that is to my understanding.

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 Re: Where to install the links to honeypot?
Author: B.Grow   (19 Feb 10 3:14pm)
Old post I know, but I know the answer nonetheless... If you are putting a honey pot into an SMF forum directory, your best bet would be to put your hidden link right after the body tag inside your index.template.php file. Doing this will put the link in every page of your forum.

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 Re: Where to install the links to honeypot?
Author: A.E4   (24 Feb 10 4:58pm)
Thank you for that B.Grow! That helps me as well as I only had mine on my site and not forums.
 Re: Where to install the links to honeypot?
Author: D.De Lung   (27 Feb 10 8:55am)
A double thanks to B. Grow!

Follow up questions:
Should we do this for every template? (Yes - sounds obvious but.... )

I get the following error message no matter which link I try to paste in:

The file you tried to save generated the following error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in index.template.php on line xxx

Asterisks are my addition, line number can be any line after 'body'.

Sorry if I'm asking the obvious - I'm sure I'll dope slap myself once it works.

Post Edited (27 Feb 10 9:33am)
 Re: Where to install the links to honeypot?
Author: S.Omega   (31 Aug 10 10:10am)
Put your link into a php file in this manner;
<?php echo (' link goes here');


do not follow this link

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