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Installing Honey Pots

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 Installing Honeypot
Author: P.Keeble   (27 May 09 6:56am)
I've tried to install Honeypot onto my forum, the forum is powered by SMF and my web host supports PHP. I also use Filezilla to put stuff on the site. However I can't quite work out how to actually put Honey pot on. I know I have to unzip the file the install it, but which files do I install?

Do I put on the Extras, Legal Documents and overage PHP? if so, how do I activate it? when I look for the honeypot I can't actually find it, what am I doing wrong?
 Re: Installing Honeypot
Author: B.L5   (27 May 09 10:29am)
You only need to upload the php file. After that, just go to it and click the activate link.
 Re: Installing Honeypot
Author: P.Keeble   (27 May 09 5:08pm)
Any particular place I should be installing the file?
 Re: Installing Honeypot
Author: B.L5   (29 May 09 3:21pm)
Put the file anywhere on your server that's accessible via the internet. Once you link to it, you'll probably catch a few spambots in the first week.
 Re: Installing Honeypot
Author: K.Jones6   (2 Jun 09 9:00am)
I have six websites that I want to put this on, will I need six different fiels? Also, where do I find the download. (sorry, I'm lost) :o
 Re: Installing Honeypot
Author: K.Jones6   (7 Jun 09 11:46am)
I managed it. I must have installed it properly , I see in my stats I have one spammer/harvest already! :)
only on 1 site so far

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