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 New here and just Installed a honeypot.
Author: P.Miller4   (6 May 09 9:47pm)
So, I run a small for forum a few friends, recently I saw a few spam\dictionary IP in the tracker. So, after find this website, I joined. Now, I'm sort of a Computer nut and checked my quick-link myself during installation.

I copied and pasted this "" in my url, just to see what it'd look like, so. . .here's the stupid question, Since I clicked one of the Links myself, will my IP be listed and if so, can I have it removed?

I was just trying to make sure it wasn't hazerdous or viewable to the Forum's members is all.

Also, I've read the faws and all. And, I want to know if I can use these quick links on other Forums that I help moderate.

Well, thanks again and such in Advance.
 Re: New here and just Installed a honeypot.
Author: M.Prince   (7 May 09 5:24pm)
Don't worry... just visiting the QuickLink won't get you listed as harmful.

You're welcome to use the QuickLink anywhere you can add HTML that can be hidden from human visitors. The more links that we have pointing bad bots to honey pots, the more we'll be able to track them.

Welcome to the Project! Thanks for your help!!
 Re: New here and just Installed a honeypot.
Author: P.Miller4   (8 May 09 11:21am)
Okay, Thank you for the Reply.

I figured as much with the Link after reading over the Faqs and such for quite a while.

Well, looks like I'll be adding those quick links to quite a few forums now.

do not follow this link

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