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 Adding to website
Author: V.Read   (25 Mar 09 7:07am)
I have added the quicklink to my website.

I have added the quicklink to my php shop too.

Is this all I need to do?

I have not install anything on the server just the quick links...
 Re: Adding to website
Author: J.Brody   (25 Mar 09 7:58am)
Nope, you need to actually install a Honeypot on your site(s). Where do your quicklinks point to?
 Re: Adding to website
Author: M.Prince   (26 Mar 09 4:02am)
J.Brody isn't exactly right. There are two ways you can help:

Beginner Way: just add the QuickLink that we provide you when you login. This points to another user's honey pot with a special code that lets us know when it's accessed that the visitor came as a result of you.

Expert Way: If you can install scripts on your web server then you can install a full honey pot. This is preferred as it increases the total pool of honey pots in the wild, including those to which we can have other beginner users point QuickLinks to. In this case, you wouldn't include a QuickLink but, instead, a link to your own honey pot. But, since many sites don't allow the installation of scripts, often a QuickLink is the only option.
 Re: Adding to website
Author: A.E4   (27 Apr 09 2:11am)
What is the downside of the Expert way? I chose the Beginner way because I am afraid it will have a negative effect if I went the Expert way. I have access to put scripts on my server (if they are php or whatever).

Is there a list of pros and cons?
 Re: Adding to website
Author: K.Jones6   (2 Jul 09 12:11pm)
Pro, you're adding MORE to the honeypot individual resources.

Con, you're taking up some SMALL space on your server.

So, you decide! =)
 Re: Adding to website
Author: M.Prince   (2 Jul 09 5:12pm)
The "beginner way" (QuickLinks) was a response to a bunch of people who wanted to participate but didn't have the resources or technical knowledge to install a script on their server. For example, a hosted blog platform like Blogger allows you to edit HTML but it doesn't allow you to install your own scripts. Similarly, many free or very low cost hosting services will allow you to install scripts, but they will restrict the ability for those scripts to make out-bound calls that are necessary for full honey pots to get addresses to distribute. QuickLinks was built to let people in these situations still help trap malicious bots.

If you can install a full honey pot script, we strongly encourage you to do so.

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