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 Embedding the honeypot code?
Author: J.Lauser   (23 Mar 09 12:40am)
Is it possible to embed the honeypot code in something else, say one of the PHP scripts that's part of Wordpress? This way, rather than sending the zombie off to another page, the email address (not any of the junk legal statement) is already embedded in EVERY page on my site. I attempted to do this with the code for my honeypot (just copy/paste), but it obviously gave me an error as the script's checksum had changed.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work.
 Re: Embedding the honeypot code?
Author: M.Prince   (24 Mar 09 9:10pm)
Not yet, but we're open to suggestions. We have floated the idea of an API. Probably the more likely first step is to create honey pots that look more like the existing pages on your site. We're experimenting with that with a few sources. If it yields better results, we'll likely roll it out more widely.

Thanks for your help!
 Re: Embedding the honeypot code?
Author: J.Brody   (25 Mar 09 8:03am)
We use a variety of CMS systems for our client sites and each one is driven either by a template base file (index.html) or a basic index.php.

We simply include the the links in those files so that each page has the link to the honeypot installed automatically.

Seems to work well in that we are catching them! I think WP uses a similar system - bots apparently don't mind being redirected to the page containing the script...

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