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 Can not connect to server
Author: D.Holtzhausen   (19 Oct 08 11:33am)
Hi there,

I have just downloaded the script and tried to run it in a folder with read/write permissions on my site; not free.

I get this message:
Unable to contact the Server. Are outbound connections disabled? (If a proxy is required for outbound traffic, you may configure the honey pot to use a proxy. For instructions, visit

What can I do next?

 Re: Can not connect to server
Author: M.Prince   (20 Oct 08 12:34am)
Can you initiate out-bound connections from your IP space? If you have a text-based browser installed, like Lynx, you can try surfing out to from your server and see if that works. If you don't have Lynx, you can try pinging out or initiating a connection on port 80.

Most likely, your hosting provider has blocked out-bound connections. There are some legitimate reasons to do this. For example, it prevents harvesters from being run from your host's facilities. Worth sending them a question about whether they have out-bound HTTP connections blocked.

If you can't get around the block, you can still help with the Project by including QuickLinks on your pages.
 Re: Can not connect to server
Author: D.Holtzhausen   (20 Oct 08 11:01am)
Thanx very much for your reply.

I tried again and now I get this message:

We have encountered a problem with your honey pot script. The checksum that your honey pot (flies.php) is reporting does not match the hash in our database.

What can I do to complete setup?

 Re: Can not connect to server
Author: M.Prince   (20 Oct 08 4:15pm)
Something got messed up in your script's file. Try downloading a new copy of the script from the Project Honey Pot website and try again.

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