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 Finishing Installation for Honeypot
Author: B.Yarbrough   (17 Sep 08 3:14am)
This evening I attempted to install a honeypot for my domain. After entering the information, choosing PHP 4+, and submitting the form, I encountered a blank page. I can't either finish by submitting a new request for a honeypot or by clicking "finish installation" from the manage honeypot page. I am still taken to a blank page. I hope that someone can assist me with this issue.
 Re: Finishing Installation for Honeypot
Author: A.Valstar2   (17 Sep 08 6:24am)
I'm having the same issue
 Re: Finishing Installation for Honeypot
Author: V.Rousseau   (17 Sep 08 10:05am)
Same issue
 Re: Finishing Installation for Honeypot
Author: M.Prince   (17 Sep 08 5:44pm)
Something is causing an internal server error during honey pot creation. We are investigating it and hope to have it fixed shortly. It is almost certainly related to our major back-end overhaul.

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