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 HoneyPot in blogger?
Author: M.Shebel   (24 Feb 08 8:24pm)
I have a blog with blogspot and I have my own url and everything, (not

Is there any way I can install a honey pot with blogger? Sorry, I'm new to this. I did put a quicklink up and I helped find one guy with that so I'm excited! I would love to have a honey pot on my blog as well.

I also made a post in my blog about Project Honey Pot. Is that a bad thing or this something that should be kept more of a secret?
 Re: HoneyPot in blogger?
Author: A.E4   (27 Apr 09 2:34am)
So you are saying you have your blog on your own domain? I would like to know the answer to your question as well but felt it needed some clarification.
 Re: HoneyPot in blogger?
Author: M.Prince   (27 Apr 09 8:13am)
You can't install a honey pot script on Blogger (because the service doesn't allow you to install your own software), but you can include a hidden QuickLink on your Blogger pages. This will direct bad bots to a third party honey pot and give you credit for the catch. The more in-bound links we have to honey pots, the more bad bots that will fall into our traps.

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