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 Should anything be done in robots.txt
Author: C.Curtis3   (13 Dec 07 11:58am)
I was wondering if the honey pot will impact legit robots? Should I place the link in a robot.txt protected area?

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 Re: Should anything be done in robots.txt
Author: M.Prince   (17 Dec 07 1:02am)
The honey pots all have robots meta tags at the top which instruct legitimate robots to not index or archive them. That should be enough to keep legitimate bots away. Moreover, remember that just visiting a honey pot does not trigger a listing. The honey pot has to be visited and then either the email address handed out on that honey pot has to be sent to, or the form displayed on that honey pot needs to be posted to. Neither should happen with any legitimate bots. In fact, if it does, that is the definition of what makes them illegitimate! Q.E.D.
 Re: Should anything be done in robots.txt
Author: M.Clark2   (18 Apr 08 12:54pm)
What about with Google's recent announcement that they are going to start trying to "guess" what entries could be entered into forms?
 Re: Should anything be done in robots.txt
Author: S.Sblam   (9 May 08 11:03am)
I hope Google had in mind only forms using GET method.

If they start touching POST forms soon everyone's blog comments will be filled with GoogleBot's guessing, so GoogleBot will get what it deserves - ban for spamming.

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