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 I'm totally ignorant
Author: R.Klabuhn   (8 Nov 07 4:18am)
I started a forum two months ago and just moved it to a paid host. Yesterday I got hit by porn spammers and my host moved my forum from phpBB to SMF last night. I was told that the SMF has better security. Anyway, I downloaded the quick link to install on my forum, however, now that I read the instructions I realize I don't even know where to go to install it. Do I go to the panel on my host site or do I do it from the administration panel on the forum? I am just totally lost here and need guidance. Will someone please help me? Thank You.
 Re: I'm totally ignorant
Author: R.Balsam   (7 Jan 08 12:59pm)

>I was told that the SMF has better security.
we use SMF. In my opinion it's better than phpBB, but the high security is a mythos (look at the source and their release practices).

>or do I do it from the administration panel on the forum
We don't use Quicklinks (instead a caching http:bl implementation), but if you want to include links, you have to modify your current theme.

Go to the Admin-Panel:
Configuration -> Themes and Layout -> Modify Themes -> Browse the templates and files in this theme (your current theme)

At this point, you need some html-skills. Our honeypot is linked (invisibly) behind the headline and in the footer in index.template.php. (Make a backup, try it with a local installation and validate the html-output).

Kind regards,

 Re: I'm totally ignorant
Author: A.E4   (27 Apr 09 2:47am)
Ah that is handy information! I just started using the links and wondered how to implement on SMF. Thanks for that. I will try that.
 Re: I'm totally ignorant
Author: D.Franklin2   (4 Jun 09 10:56am)
That's quite true.


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