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 from_zope in the python script
Author: S.Welter2   (11 Oct 07 10:48am)
In the python version of the script I noticed the from_zope() method. So I hoped that I would be able to import the script in a Zope product and - as the docstring says - return the html this method generates.

This only works somehow, the page is generated, it makes a request to the verification server, but it always comes back with "validation error occurred."

So, what's the status on this from_zope thing? Is it dead code in the script or am I doing something wrong?

What I'm doing right now is I have a method in one of my Zope (filesystem) Products, like this:

import scriptname

security.declareProtected( view, 'scriptname' )
def scriptname( self, REQUEST ):
Hand out a page for Project Honeypot.
return scriptname.from_zope(REQUEST)

(And I settattr so it returns whatever scriptname() returns - python methods can't have dots in the name normally.)

The request to the verification server that I see: tag4=abaee42f601a4d0ba30d658d4e58e0b4&tag1=

(inserted a few line breaks, so it won't break the layout)

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