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 Validation Error
Author: J.Roess   (18 Sep 07 11:07pm)
I have tried installing this a number of times now, each time pulling down a fresh script even though I havent edited it at all. I am receiving the error : "A validation error occurred. If this problem persists, you will need to generate a new script."

I chmodded the file to 644 as the instructions state and have tried 755 & 777 as suggested in other threads but still nothing.

My vBulletin is working so I know PHP is working. The script is at

 Re: Validation Error
Author: L.Holloway   (19 Sep 07 4:48pm)
One of parameters your script was passing back did not pass a regex. It looks like it was failing against the "svrn" (server name) value. The regex looks for IPs or domains ending in 3-4 character TLDs; your domain happend to end in 5 characters (".local").

I relaxed the regex on our end, so your script will work fine now.

Thank you for your support!
 Re: Validation Error
Author: J.Roess   (19 Sep 07 11:01pm)
does the backend track my SystemHostname? I just updated it to match my domain, and was curious if that type of change would require me to download a new script.

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