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 Quicklinks in phpbb
Author: L.Throsby   (8 Aug 07 7:24pm)
I am new to the project, but would like to learn how to help using the quicklinks.

I have tried adding the links given to me on the install to the php index's, but this doesn't work.

Would it work by literally making a forum post with the links in the message block?

Or if anyone knows of a way to insert the links so that they are not seen on the forums that would be great.

I'm a newbie that learns quick, to give you an idea of my skills.
 Re: Quicklinks in phpbb
Author: J.Dahl   (13 Aug 07 5:31pm)
You can add the HTML code to the template overall headers and footers for the website. I add links also using BB code in signatures and various posts on the sites I have the links on.

For instance sweet as Tupelo honey or any words you want. I posted to the human members of my site to watch for links containing references to honey or sweet things and NOT to click them. If your forums are using html then you can use any of the code provided.

It seems to be working OK for me, I can't tell which links on which site are getting hit but my hits went up when I added to in forum locations. There is another thread about this also on this board.
 Re: Quicklinks in phpbb
Author: A.Mous2   (23 Aug 07 8:50am)
You may want to take a look at this:

I installed it yesterday in one of my forums (that way I also found Project Honey Pot =).
 Re: Quicklinks in phpbb
Author: J.Dahl   (25 Aug 07 10:05pm)
A. Mous2 that is not what QuickLinks are about. You installed a Block List. QuickLinks are for trapping bots not blocking. See here
 Re: Quicklinks in phpbb
Author: D.Clerici   (7 Feb 08 7:20pm)
If you already got a key there are mods to automatically send known spammers IP to your quicklink page (or wherever you want), but I found quicker and easier this piece of code:

However I changed it a bit for my own site: I added this lines :

//Referrers Mod Start
// http:BL
require($phpbb_root_path . 'httpBL.'.$phpEx);

to common.php and created the httpBL.php as follow:

(note that I've cut out the "$age_thres" variable.)

httpBL.php (replace "xxxxxx" with your own data and change the options with yours) :

if ( !defined('IN_PHPBB') )
die("Hacking attempt");
function httpbl_check_referer() {
global $_SERVER;
$key = 'xxxxxxxxxxxx';
$result = explode( ".", gethostbyname( $key . "." . implode ( ".", array_reverse( explode( ".", $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] ) ) ) . "" ) );
if ( $result[0] == 127 ) {
// Information for the following three configuration variables can be found at
// Consider malicious bots with a threat score greater than what (0-255)?
$threat_thres = '1';
// Consider malicious which types of bots?
$denied = '1,2,3,4,5,6,7';

// Where do you want to redirect malicious bots? It is recommended that you
// forward them to a Project Honey Pot QuickLink, available here:
// Alternatively, you may leave the default value or blank the value to not use
// redirection at all, like this:
// $hp = ''
$hp = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
$threat = false;
$deny = false;
if ( $result[2] > $threat_thres ) {
$threat = true;

foreach ( explode( ",", $denied ) as $value ) {
if ( $value == $result[3] ) {
$deny = true;

if ( $deny && $threat ) {
if ( $hp ) {
header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently ");
header( "Location: $hp" );
else exit;


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