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 Moving my site
Author: J.Dahl   (23 Jul 07 5:22pm)
Well here goes nothing. I have posted several questions on this forum and had 0 replies. But, I'm moving my site to a new host with a new domain. I will be parking the two other domains I own.

My question is do I have to reinstall the script? It will be in the site files that are moved but the site itself will change from a .com to .org.
 Re: Moving my site
Author: M.Prince   (30 Jul 07 2:02am)
If your honey pots URL changes then you need to redownload the script software. If the URL will remain the same, then you can just use the existing software. The confirmation proces is basically just our spider making sure it can find your honey pot at the URL where you said it would be. So long as that stays the same, our spider will continue to be able to find your honey pot and everything will keep working.
 Re: Moving my site
Author: J.Dahl   (3 Aug 07 10:13pm)
The domain changed but the domain the honeypot was on is parked at the same address. According to the info here it says it is still working. So how do I know?
 Re: Moving my site
Author: M.Prince   (3 Aug 07 11:22pm)
If you access it and you see legal text then it's still working.

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