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 HoneyPot on NSLU2 - PHP
Author: S.Forster   (15 Jul 07 5:09am)
Running Cherokee PHP server on an NSLU2.

When I try to activate the script I get the error

PHP Notice: Undefined index: email in /opt/share/www/cherokee/folder1/folder2/
unnecessarymodel.php on line 348

what values should email and emailmethod have ?

I get the following
Activation failed! We had trouble contacting
 Re: HoneyPot on NSLU2 - PHP
Author: S.Forster   (20 Jul 07 7:43am)
Being a noob to PHP, I think my PHP.INI is missing email and emailmethod.

should these be in a certain [section] ?

Ideas anyone ?
 FIXED: HoneyPot on NSLU2 - PHP
Author: S.Forster   (21 Feb 08 5:43pm)
the honey pot was able to activate today :-)

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