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 Multiple sites, one source
Author: L.Hathaway   (21 Jun 07 6:01pm)
I've got one site that's being referenced by several different domain names (.com, .net, .org, etc.). The honeypot script will, of course, be available on all of them because there's just one set of source code.

Will the honeypot work correctly if accessed by a bot crawling a different domain name? Can I just add "more" honeypots on the other domains and have just the one script to handle all of them?
 Re: Multiple sites, one source
Author: M.Prince   (21 Jun 07 11:29pm)
It should work just fine. If you experience problems, just make the links you include fully qualified to the domain you listed when you created the honey pot. For example, if you used:

And you install the honey pot at:

instead of making the links something like:

<a href="/honeypot.php">blah</a>

Make them:

<a href="">blah</a>

Hope that makes sense.

 Re: Multiple sites, one source
Author: L.Hathaway   (22 Jun 07 8:44am)
How about using the same honeypot script, and creating the links appropriate to the domain?

For example, if a bot is accessing, create the link pointing to, but if the bot is accessing, create the link pointing to

I suppose what I'm asking is whether I can create a "second" honeypot in the same location, but at a different domain name, and then just reactivate the same script as before on the second domain name.
 Re: Multiple sites, one source
Author: L.Hathaway   (22 Jun 07 3:26pm)
Never mind, I got it all setup. :)
 Re: Multiple sites, one source
Author: A.Timmer   (29 Jun 07 10:03am)
I've got several different links on my server all pointing to the same honeypot.
Made some redirects in .htaccess to do the trick and it works like a charm :-)
 Re: Multiple sites, one source
Author: D.Schmidt   (8 Nov 07 9:56am)
Can I use the same honey pot on all my sites/domains or do I have to create a specific one for each one?

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