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 Validation failures
Author: M.Griffiths   (2 Jun 07 6:27am)
I've tried PHP scripting on two sites and perl on one and continually get validation failures.
Other php scripts work fine and this one showed no errors that I could see. I don't normally use perl but did remember to do the chmod. PHP doesn't need it as it runs OK on defaults but I did try it just to be sure - no difference.

I have successfully added a honeypot to my ISP webspace so I guess I could link to that but as there is nothing else of any note in that webspace it isn't ideal.

Any suggestions on how to debug this problem welcome.

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 Re: Validation failures
Author: H.Bokhoven   (3 Jun 07 10:29am)
Same here... tried it three times with a new PHP-script.
Currently my HP is out of order :-( Informed the webmaster.
 Re: Validation failures
Author: H.Bokhoven   (4 Jun 07 7:25am)
FYI: it started working again here a couple of minutes ago today.
 Re: Validation failures
Author: H.Bokhoven   (4 Jun 07 3:19pm)
And it stopped again a couple of hours later...
Maybe some headlines regarding what exactly is going on, on the front page is a good idea?
 Re: Validation failures
Author: M.Prince   (4 Jun 07 10:12pm)
We had a local DNS issue which caused our verification spider to not work properly (as well as a myriad of other problems). It should be fixed now. If you continue to experience problems, let us know via the Contact Us form.


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