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Author: M.Jervis   (6 May 07 4:10am)

I'm one of the developers on the Geeklog project ( We are very interested in the Project, and have just committed a filter for our SpamX system to use the http:BL API (subject to the webmaster of a specific install having their own access key of course).

We're interested in providing a Geeklog Honeypot template for the Honeypot template generator system. What would we need to provide for this?

Geeklog is a PHP based CMS. We'd just enable the content of the Honeypot to be wrapped in the standard Geeklog site look and feel so it looks like an actual part of the Geeklog site it is deployed to.

SpamX will handle the insertion of links to the honeypot into the pages of the rest of the site.


 Re: Geeklog
Author: M.Jervis   (6 May 07 4:13am)
Also, I see in <a href="">this</a> post that the way you catch comment spammers is by posting hidden forms and tempting submits from bots.

Geeklog has an advanced system for detecting comment spammers, based on Akismet, blacklists and numerous other filter classes (now including http:BL ;-)).

Is there anyway we can directly report caught comment spammers?
 Re: Geeklog
Author: M.Prince   (6 May 07 4:53am)
M. Jervis:
Sounds great. We can definitely customize a honey pot to match the look and feel of Geeklog. Send us a message through the Contact Us page with your contact info and we'll get back to you with details on how this can be done.

We're working on alternate ways to report comment spammers to Project Honey Pot to include in http:BL. As I'm sure you can understand, there are a lot of considerations we need to take into account before doing this in order to ensure that our data remains trustworthy. However, we're definitely thinking about it and would love any input you have.

Thanks for your participation in the Project!

 Re: Geeklog
Author: M.Jervis   (7 May 07 3:00am)

Dropped a contact via the form back through to you.

I'll try and monitor the project for changes and the ability to report items. I've posted some stuff in a thread in development.



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