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 Comment Form Spammers
Author: J.Yard2   (5 May 07 9:10pm)
So my site has a honey pot installed and working fine for the bots that harvest email addresses. But how do I use it to catch comment form spammers?

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 Re: Comment Form Spammers
Author: M.Prince   (5 May 07 10:15pm)
Give it time. Takes a while after the honey pot is installed for the comment spammers to find your trap. Nothing you need to change for it to begin to catch comment spammers. We've found that honey pots don't get posted to for a while then, all of a sudden, as soon as the comments start they grow quickly. Give it time.
 Re: Comment Form Spammers
Author: J.Yard2   (5 May 07 11:17pm)
Don't I need to point a form or something to the honey pot? Guess I don't understand how it differentiates between address harvesters and comment form spammers.

I didn’t set anything up with regard to comment forms for the honey pot. Just have the ordinary links peppered through out the site. Don’t understand how that is supposed to catch comment spammers.
 Re: Comment Form Spammers
Author: M.Prince   (5 May 07 11:44pm)
Nope. The same way we pass trap email addresses to the honey pot, we also pass trap forms. Those forms are invisible to most browsers, but robots that stumble across your honey pot will see them. We record anything posted to those trap forms. There's a bit more to it, but that's basically how we catch comment spammers.
 Re: Comment Form Spammers
Author: J.Yard2   (5 May 07 11:53pm)
Ah, okay. I see. I was thinking it somehow needed to be integrated into/with my web form or that I needed a to create a form and set the 'action' to the honey pot php or something.

I do have a bunch of them bad boys hitting my comments form and would sure like to get them into the http:BL database.


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