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 Just wanted to say . . .
Author: M.Hirsch   (26 Apr 07 1:21pm)
how proud I am to be a contributer to this great project after today's announcement.
 Re: Just wanted to say . . .
Author: M.Prince   (26 Apr 07 11:13pm)
Thank you for all your help! Today was a big day for us, but it wouldn't have been possible without the effort every volunteer puts into the Project. We'll really celebrate when we get the first judgment against a spammer.

Until then, keep installing honey pots, QuickLinking from your pages, and donating MX records!
 Re: Just wanted to say . . .
Author: B.Booey   (27 Apr 07 4:50am)
Projecy Honey Pot in the news!

This project is great, and gets better all the time. All that hard work setting this up is really going to pay off.


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