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Installing Honey Pots

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Author: S.Atty   (25 Apr 07 2:17pm)
whats the best way of installing a honeypot into a phpBB forum?

I dont know if I'm getting many harvesters but I know I'm being hammered by spammers using the trackback facility I have installed on a blog section of my forum
 Re: phpBB
Author: S.Atty   (25 Apr 07 2:38pm)
I think I''ve worked it out.

I've added a block of code to constants.php which sets up a honeypot_stack containing the various different ways of embedding links.

Then I've gone into the three template files that do the layout and embedded the following code:

global $honeypot_stack;
echo $honeypot_stack[rand(0,7)];

inside the various template blocks for things like forumrow etc.

If anyone wants any more details then if it works I'll let you know.
 Re: phpBB
Author: J.Sorkin   (25 Apr 07 11:31pm)
I would love to know if it works. I am hosting a phpBB2 board and get a lot of Spam accounts even after installing the mods that are supost to stop it.
 Re: phpBB
Author: S.Atty   (26 Apr 07 2:33am)
I've just about stopped those by changing the register variable ;-)

However I do get about 50-100 hits a day on a trackback.php file - bots keep sending POST commands to it... even though I deleted the file months ago.

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