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 The QuickLink system works great
Author: T.Jones2   (23 Apr 07 2:17am)
I just tried the new QuickLink system and it works great! I'll be telling my friends about this project. Thank You!

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 Re: The QuickLink system works great
Author: M.Prince   (23 Apr 07 4:27pm)
You're welcome! We've been working on it for quite some time. Excited to get it out.

And... it's one of the "lesser" announcements this week. :-)


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 Re: The QuickLink system works great
Author: D.Shechtman   (19 Jul 07 4:34pm)
QuickLink doesn't work.

Several sites of mine have been hosting it for quite some time. One of those sites runs the Drupal module, which rotates between the various linking methods. The QuickLink helped catch 0 harvesters and 0 spammers.
 Re: The QuickLink system works great
Author: C.Wilson6   (21 Jul 07 8:35am)
The success of your quicklinks over any given time would depend on the amount and type of traffic you have to your sites. I have had quicklinks installed on one of my sites for a little over a month and have seen 20 known harvesters trip the links thru 788 quicklink hits without rotating the link type.


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