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 Validation Error on Install
Author: F.McKnight   (15 Apr 07 11:18pm)
I am currently working on a script generated in Perl. and
I am getting a error message:

A validation error occured. If this problem persists, you will need to generate a new script.

Is there any debugging tools to know what the error is? I've regenerated the script
dozens of times and always get the same error.
The server is an older OS/2 based operating system running WEB/2

The script "seems" to be running fine at the server end as NO error files are
generated at the perl or web logs.

Any help would be appreciated

 Re: Validation Error on Install
Author: F.McKnight   (16 Apr 07 7:15am)
I also created a PHP script:

echo "HTTP_HOST: ".$_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"]."<BR>";

The output reflected accurately my server and http host name
and the same name used to generate the cgi script that will not validate!

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 Re: Validation Error on Install
Author: F.McKnight   (18 Apr 07 10:13pm)
Still no Joy with these scripts. I tried using M$ Internet Explorer on the off chance
the file didn't like Firefox under Linux. Same error as before.....

A validation error occured. If this problem persists, you will need to generate a new script.

Anyone Have ANY other Ideas?
 Re: Validation Error on Install
Author: F.McKnight   (19 Apr 07 11:25pm)
Perhaps the Script does not recognize the .CA Domain?
 Re: Validation Error on Install
Author: F.McKnight   (20 Apr 07 9:11pm)
Well I'm currently out of Ideas!!!!!
Tried everything I could think of...

Could the honeypot server be having trouble with my domain
because it uses a DynamicDNS?

Also is anyone reading my posts :(
 Re: Validation Error on Install
Author: M.Prince   (21 Apr 07 5:30pm)
Reading, just not sure what to tell you.

The most common reasons for validation errors are:

1) Something in the script was altered so the hash doesn't pass;
2) Your server/firewall is setup so it cannot make out-bound connections; or
3) Our verispider is blocked or can't get the information necessary in order to visit the honey pot and make sure everything is running as expected.

Doesn't sound like the first is your problem. The second can be tested by your running something like LYNX from the command line and making sure you can surf to Finally, check to make sure that you're not in some way blocking our spider from visiting your page (it has a useragent that includes "VeriSpider").

If you don't mind, post a link to your honey pot installation and we'll look into it.
 Re: Validation Error on Install
Author: F.McKnight   (21 Apr 07 8:03pm)
The honeypot is setup at:

I also set another for:

Both scripts give the same error!!!!
 Re: Validation Error on Install
Author: F.McKnight   (25 Apr 07 12:41am)
Used ELINKS to access worked fine see below:

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 Re: Validation Error on Install
Author: L.Holloway   (25 Apr 07 4:13pm)
OK! The problem:

Your honey pot was reporting 'sn' (script name) as, which triggered regex errors:


The 'rquri' however was set properly. Our backend is now setup to use that as a fallback. You will need to re-download new honey pot scripts for those locations and give it another shot. Your setup seems a little goofy, so there are no guarantees.... :)

Are you using PHP to run perl? Another thing to try is installing a PHP honey pot directly.

 Re: Validation Error on Install
Author: F.McKnight   (25 Apr 07 6:01pm)
Thats got it, I've got both scripts running now. The PHP does seem to leave weird log
entry in my log file. I will monitor and if need be go to CGI for both scripts.

Thanks for your help in this problem. Hopefully my site can trap enough spiders
to make all your efforts worthwhile :)

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