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 A system Error Occured
Author: R.Rines   (15 Nov 06 11:59am)
I'm getting this message when I try to activate my script:
"A system error occured. If this problem persists, please contact us."

This is a new script that was download just a couple of days ago and when I placed it into the main folder (main index.htm location) and entered the script name with the URL, it brought up the activation message fine, but I didn't activate the script then because I was just testing to see if the PHP was enabled on the server.

This morning I moved the script to its own folder and tried it again, but now the script is generating the above error.

Here is the location of the script:

Here is a copy of how it looks in the URL address of WS_FTP PRO:

Any ideas on what keeps it from working in this new location since it hasn't been activated yet?
 Re: A system Error Occured
Author: R.Rines   (15 Nov 06 12:20pm)
After trying the script again a few times, I've downloaded the script again and got a different error message, but the script is still failing from this location.

I tried moving it back to the main index.htm location and it fails there as well.

Error message being generated now is:
"We have encountered a problem with your honey pot script. The checksum that your honey pot (rdrnet.php) is reporting does not match the hash in our database. Possible reasons this may occur:"

Script uploaded has never been changed or even opened in an editor here, so a script change can't be the issue.

Script is running on a Linux server hosted by "SuccessfulHosting" and PHP is operational. The next two links will generate my PHP test response from either location:

This is a real puzzle this morning.
 Re: A system Error Occured
Author: M.Nordhoff   (16 Nov 06 1:25am)
Could your FTP client have changed the line endings?

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