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 Activation failed
Author: M.Mueller   (10 Sep 06 5:31am)
I tried out different PHP scripts and allways get an error message: "Activation failed! Your honey pot failed our verification tests".

What does this mean? What within the tests failed?

I didn't change neither file content nor name

- file and directory permissions are OK: 0755, 0777.
- I used different browsers: IE, Firefox, Mozilla...
- .htaccess is OK: "allow from all", (no restrictions)
- robots.txt doesn' exist
- PHP version 4.4.4

How can I figure out what went wrong? checksum? location?
 Re: Activation failed
Author: L.Holloway   (11 Sep 06 3:11pm)
It looks like you were able to get your honey pots working after all. There is one deleted one at -- if you would like help debugging that one, just throw it back up and I will take a look at it.

Thanks for your help!
 Re: Activation failed
Author: M.Mueller   (14 Sep 06 9:08am)
I've uploaded the script.
 Re: Activation failed
Author: L.Holloway   (15 Sep 06 2:11pm)
The verification spider is getting the following response when it visits:

<TITLE>403 Forbidden</TITLE>
You don't have permission to access /mitglied/[your honey pot script name].php
on this server.<P>


It looks like you have some protection in place that generates a Forbidden response.

The bot uses the following user agent and referral:

PHPot Verispider v0.1 - -<VERIFICATION_CODE>

Any ideas?

Post Edited (15 Sep 06 2:11pm)
 Re: Activation failed
Author: M.Mueller   (16 Sep 06 3:39am)
I figure out, that the server of my provider doesn't like the word "spider" in the user agent string.
All clients with this word within the user agent string will be blocked, e.g: "PHPot Verispider v0.1 ..."

Other words like "spyder" will function normally. That's crazy.

I can't fix this problem cause there is no way to configure this. :-(
 Re: Activation failed
Author: M.Mueller   (17 Sep 06 2:10am)
My provider has removed this "protection feature" because I complained about it...

The honey pot now works. :-)

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