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 White Screen
Author: J.Spice   (11 Jul 06 4:59pm)
I'm having a problem getting a php installation to work. This morning, I was able to get my script to validate, but visiting afterwards it showed a white screen. After deleting that script (both from my server and here), and installing another, now I get the white screen right away and the honeypot shows as not active?

Why would it work this morning and not now?

 Re: White Screen
Author: M.Prince   (21 Jul 06 5:23pm)
Our old servers and data center were strained to the point of busting. If our servers didn't respond timely, honey pots would simply display nothing. We just completed a move to a new data center with more servers and a fatter pipe. Not only will that solve most of the "white page" problems, but it will also allow us to deploy a bunch of features we've had sitting on the sidelines for some time. Over the next few months, watch these pages!

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