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 Limited URLs
Author: M.Reynolds   (5 Apr 06 11:39am)
Went to download a perl version of the script. I noticed I'm forced to put it into /cgi-bin/ and the file name is forced to end in .cgi. One thing I've noticed is that many bots avoid cgi URLs like the plague. Why are we not able to pick the *full* URL that the script gets, instead of just the base filename? (IE: instead of, I could pick, using an apache config directive to call the script from that URL)
 Re: Limited URLs
Author: M.Prince   (1 May 06 6:37pm)
You can actually change the suffix and script directory and the script should still validate and function as expected. Originally we limited it to .cgi or .pl only, but made the validation more lax when people suggested that other suffixes would be useful. You can put the script anywhere you want. The only thing checked is the core file name (not including the suffix).

If you have any problems, let us know.


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